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Welcome to SoccerSpace USA's home page.

SoccerSpace is about soccer fields.  There aren't enough of them, especially in the inner city, and we want to contribute to putting that right.

Here you will eventually find a whole library of resources for the acquisition, development, maintenance and enhancement of soccer fields.  Initially, we will concentrate on Los Angeles County but eventually the site's information will cover the entire United States and, one day, Canada and Mexico.  In the meantime, check out some links to resources we have already discovered and useful articlesLet us know what else you think we should add.

We will be developing a toolkit on all of soccer field-related activities from legal to environmental to political right down to how to kill the weeds.  So watch this SoccerSpace!

In 2001, we helped Beverly Hills High School fundraise for installation of permanent lights on its one and a half fields.  We raised over $250,000 for this project.  Despite its famous name, Beverly has very little field space and no money - it is a typical, underfunded California public school which has to spend all of its facilities budget on earthquake safety and renovating 70 year old classrooms.  Visit our Beverly Hills Lights and Fields site if you have a connection to Beverly or programs such as AYSO and Little League that use Beverly's field.

Helpful people

Have you been involved in developing a youth sports facility in any way?  Are you willing to share your experiences?  We will soon be starting a bulletin board but in the meantime, please send us an e-mail, tell us about your experience, your involvement and the extent to which you are willing to answer questions from SoccerSpace and visitors to the SoccerSpace website


News from Sacramento . . . (August 14, 2000)

SoccerSpace USA just received its letter from the California Franchise Tax Board confirming its exemption from California taxes.  

. . . and from Washington (Cincinnati, actually - September 9, 2000)

We received a determination from the Internal Revenue Service confirming our exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Contributions to SoccerSpace are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.  Our ID number is 95-4787754.  If you previously made a contribution, we will shortly be sending you a proper tax receipt.

To contact us and learn more about SoccerSpace, send an e-mail to Michael Karlin at mjkarlin@soccerspace.org.